The League prides itself on finding living wage jobs and workplace equity for its “job-seeking” clients. Employers are also primary customers. The League improves the quality of the workforce through partnerships with educators and the business community.

Employment and Economic Programs for African American Community

Our collaborative framework of work development partners brings together human resources personnel and managers to explore ways to improve race relations in the workplace and provide more living wage jobs for the League’s clients. The League also addresses barriers to employment, such as transportation, childcare, and “limited work history.”

  • Assessment of participant’s employability skill level
  • Employment strategy training sessions
  • Life skills workshops
  • Job Development
  • Employment follow-up activities

Classes are held every other Wednesday – 9:30 AM – Norfolk Huntersville Multi-Purpose Center, 830 Goff Street in Norfolk, VA.

For more information about our employment programs, contact us by phone at 757-627-0864 or by email at Ulhradmin@ulhr.org.

For Sentara Job Openings

Send your resume to BNJULIN@Sentara.com

  • Registered Nurses (all different specialties and levels)
  • LPN’s
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Nursing Care Partners
  • Admin Associates
  • Admin Secretaries
  • Admitting Reps
  • Clinical Lab Assistants
  • Cooks
  • ED Techs
  • Environmental Services
  • Food Service
  • Lab Techs
  • Medical Assistants
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Rad Techs
  • Surgical Techs
  • Safety Partners
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Integrated Care Managers

Apprenticeship Success Story

James Payton spent four years and four months at St. Brides Correctional Facility. He was released in 2019. Mr. Payton contacted the Urban League of Hampton Roads Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Coordinator, Ms. Rountree for employment. Ms. Rountree scheduled an appointment with Mr. Payton after his release. Mr. Payton met with Ms. Rountree and they had a discussion about the apprenticeship program which he did not show interest. At that time, Ms. Rountree performed a mock interview with him to prepare for his interview with Golden Corral. She referred James to Golden Corral where he was interviewed and hired one week after the meeting. Mr. Payton was employed at Golden Corral as a cook earning $9.00 per hour for more than 6 months.

After several communications with Ms. Rountree and looking for living wage employment, Mr. Payton received an offer as a painter with Berry’s Interior. He submitted his resignation to Golden Corral. Mr. Payton earns $2,400 per month from Berry’s Interior. He also earns additional income by painting residential homes on his off hours. Mr. Payton has returned to being a self-supporting, productive and independent member of the community.

Accessibility, Alternate Setting and Accommodation of Disabilities

All disabilities are managed on an as needed basis. The Urban League of Hampton Roads, Inc. office is located on the first floor. Doorways to the building entrance and offices are ADA accessible. Regardless of the impairment counseling services are delivered face-to-face, telephone, home visits, etc. to the following individuals:

  • Hearing Impaired
  • Elderly
  • Accessibility needs