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JAMES S. BIBBS - Chief Human Resources Officer at Virginia Port Authority Feb 5, 2020

A Message from Our Chairman About Black History Month

In 1976 then President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month calling on Americans to “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout history.”

The origins of this month however can be traced back to 1926 when Carter G. Woodson, a Harvard Graduate, born to former slaves and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History announced the second week of February to be labeled “Negro History Week.”

The month was chosen because it coincides with the birthdays of Frederick Douglas, President Abraham Lincoln and Langston Hughes.

So as we reflect on the great history of African Americans in this country, we also must not allow these historical figures efforts be in vein. We have a responsibility to assist others, this is a call to serve! We must fight for the leveling of the playing field for everyone. We must fight for the underserved in our communities to ensure they are not forgotten. Please allow me to parenthetically pause to say that the underserved doesn’t necessarily mean only the poor, there are people who go to work every day and earn a decent living but are still underserved.

Serving others, I believe is a moral obligation. It is also biblical Hebrews 6:10 says “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” So we must always find ways to help and serve others, it is our duty!

My goal as chair of the Urban League is to serve this community. To help others get or find equal footing so that they may progress in life, but then help others as they continue on their journey.

Who is willing to join me in service and become a member of the Urban League of Hampton Roads!!!

Accessibility, Alternate Setting and Accommodation of Disabilities

All disabilities are managed on an as needed basis. The Urban League of Hampton Roads, Inc. office is located on the first floor. Doorways to the building entrance and offices are ADA accessible. Regardless of the impairment counseling services are delivered face-to-face, telephone, home visits, etc. to the following individuals:

  • Hearing Impaired
  • Elderly
  • Accessibility needs