The League prides itself on finding living wage jobs and workplace equity for its “job-seeking” clients. Employers are also primary customers. The League improves the quality of the workforce through partnerships with educators and the business community.

Our collaborative framework of work development partners brings together human resources personnel and managers to explore ways to improve race relations in the workplace and provide more living wage jobs for the League’s clients. The League also addresses barriers to employment, such as transportation, childcare, and “limited work history.”


  • Assessment of participant’s employability skill level
  • Employment strategy training sessions
  • Life skills workshops
  • Job Development
  • Employment follow-up activities

Classes are held every Thursday - 9:30 AM - Norfolk Huntersville Center, 830 Goff Street Norfolk



"Every American has access                          "Every American child is ready                                       "Every American lives in safe,                                     "Every American has access
to jobs with a living wage and                       
for college, work and life"                                             decent, affordable and energy                                    to quality and affordable       
good benefits"                                                                                                                               
efficient housing on fair terms"                                   health care solutions."             



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